Web to Print With Catalogue-Based Online Printing & Ordering

Web-to-print sites for businesses (B2B) and consumers or end users (B2C) offer a specialized portal with a catalogue of pre-designed templates. B2Bs generally work from PDF templates with rigid business rules and detailed set ups to conform to corporate branding, B2C catalogs are generally more flexible to allow the end user to customize their products.

In both cases, the source for the materials is within the web portal itself and the users are ordering their materials through this medium. The web to print technology will impose the user’s data onto a PDF template for proofing and approval. Once the product is approved, the user can add it to the site’s shopping cart to be ordered through the online printer.

Web to Print Shop accommodates both B2B and B2C web to print models. For more detailed information on how weaddress both of these types of web to print storefronts, read more about B2B Web to Printer and B2C Web to Print.

W2P Shop’s Simple Web to Print Ordering Process:

Step 1 Log in or sign up for the web to print solution you want to use.

Step 2 Upload or design the documents you want to print. Some web to print storefronts have customizable templates you can edit for your use. Some web to print solutions will allow you to design your own documents from scratch.

Step 3 Finalize your design and indicate your print preferences. This includes the number of copies you want printed and other details. It will also include payment options.

Step 4 Once you’ve paid, your order will be printed. Depending on the options you selected, it will be sent directly to you or your client, or wait for you to pick it up.

To discuss building a B2C or B2B web to print store front for your business, contact Web to Print Shop or call us at (800) 944-0875.