Web to Print with FTP, Print Drivers and File Uploads

At Web to Print Shop, we cater a range of web to print solutions. The most basic type of web to print solution involves the transfer of the files that are to be printed.

Uploading an original file can occur in the following methods:
  1. Email (for standard files)
  2. FTP (for large files)
  3. PDF Print Driver (to deliver files print ready format)

Emails are generally limited in the files sizes that they can either send or receive. FTP uploads can take large files, but unless the file is expected, there is little information related to the file sender nor is there any indication or record as to when the file was sent if the sender does not personally follow up. Lastly, both email and FTP will send an original document, but due to the broad range of documents being created around the world across various technologies, it is possible that the printer will not have the required application to read and accept the document.

The optimal file format is PDF. There are many PDF conversion solutions. Web to Print Shop uses GoPrint2.

GoPrint2 bundles all the mediums of file sending into one simple solution making it the industry standard and introductory web to print technology – mandatory to any print organization that wishes to eliminate the barriers to file sending.

How Do Web to Print Drivers Work?

Step 1 Download and install the print driver for the web to print storefront you’re using. This connects your computer to their printer, allowing them to receive your documents.

Step 2 Open your documents in any application. Select the print option (or CTRL + P) and select the online printer from your list of printers. The driver should have added it to your list.

Step 3 Follow the directions and indicate your order preferences. You may be asked to send your contact information so a representative from the print store can contact you to confirm your order and process payment. Once you’ve filled out all the information, your print job will be sent to the online printer for processing.

Step 4 Your order will be printed once payment is finalized. Depending on the options you selected, it will be sent directly to you or your client, or wait for pick up.

More information about optimizing your file sending can be found on GoPrint2. The Go2Print site explains Web to Print Shop’s web to print driver and all its features. To learn more about how W2P Shop integrates GoPrint2, read about Web to Print file sending.

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