About Web to Print Shop by Racad Tech

Web to Print Shop (also known as W2P Shop) by Racad Tech offers printers a variety of easy-to-use, affordable, and technologically advanced web to print solutions.

W2P Shop’s customers span across multiple industries, and our print clients range from trade printers to multi-location retail print stores. With web to print solutions including eCommerce web to print stores, branded portals and website plugins, W2P Shop has a web to print solution for print businesses of all sizes.

In particular, W2P Shop specializes in providing online web to print solutions for printing franchises. W2P Shop offers the widest range of web to print technologies available in the industry, making our solutions ideal for large printing companies that need a flexible web to print solution that can be integrated effectively across all of their stores. Our online web to print portals and websites can be created as retail stores, corporate portals, marketing portals and personalized urls. Each component is built to stand alone, or complement our other products.

W2P Shop has a variety of unique features not found elsewhere in the web to print industry, including the ability to create and store product templates using a number of methods such as HTML5, PDF, InDesign and XMPie. This allows you to create virtually any product with personalized fields.

Other unique features built into W2P Shop include multi-functional shopping carts, cascading catalogue menus, template libraries, online product calculator and estimates, related product up-sell features, multi-level hierarchy & gatekeeper permissions, XML punch-outs and much more. All our web to print solutions are search engine friendly, can accommodate multiple languages, and integrate with over 60 different payment gateways and all major shipping integrations.

With the inclusion of an XMPie uProduce server, W2P Shop is now able to offer cross-media marketing beyond print and direct mail.

W2P Shop is a product of Racad Tech, which has been in business since 2001 and has created various proprietary and custom applications over the course of its history to include online banking, games, mobile apps and more.