W2P Shop uses InDesign, XMPie and PDFLib to Facilitate Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing can be applied to any of W2P Shop’s web to print storefronts. W2P Shop’s system allow brands to create mass print orders with unique data on each individual piece in the print order. Variable data printing also allows customers to utilize a database for their marketing pieces, which individualizes information on each piece within the print order.

Variable data printing can be used to incorporate variable text and image personalization. Variable data printing enables clients to incorporate unique data into their marketing and has been proven to effectively increase response rates. This allows customized direct mail printing that includes unique data such as names, gender, shopping history, preferences or suggestions, among many other things. Variable Data is primarily utilized within our PDF templates and forms.

Easily integrate PDF-based forms into your website. PDF templates can be created in a number of ways on W2P Shop. The most popular uses a PDF, from PDFLib or InDesign, with XMPie integrated for variable components. Our PDF product templates and variable data capabilities are very thorough and have been evolving since 2001.
Easily Manage Your Templates and Add Variable Data to PDFs

Be in complete control of your print pieces with these features:

  • Add graphics to any design
  • Most file types are supported
  • Templates can be set up to accept only specific file types
  • Quality Control can determine font styles, size, colours and spacing
  • Quality Control for artwork and colours
  • Fill-in-the-blank workflow
  • High-resolution and large format workflows are supported
  • Add fonts of your choosing to the designer
  • Add spreadsheets for variable data printing and
    direct mailers
  • Use layers, paragraphs and character styles
  • Support for CMYK, RGB, LAB and Spot colors
  • Online proofing prevents costly mistakes
  • Customize watermarks on your online proofs
  • Automatically format all variables to include capital letters, hyphens, dashes, periods, etc.
Key Variable Data Printing Features

Input Variable Data Multiple Ways
Add your variable data in any way you want. Type in information, use a drop down, use multi-images, or upload a spreadsheet. W2P Shop’s PDF-based product templates typically have a form that can populate your template with the pertinent variable data

Set Pre-Established Variables
Variable data can also be limited to pre-established variables that can be displayed as a radio button or a drop down option. Additionally, variables can be uploaded as images or data filled spread sheets.

Multi-Language Capabilities
W2P Shop’s PDF product templates are localized for multiple languages, including right-to-left and complex languages. If we don’t already support your language, let us know and we can add it.

Native InDesign Support
W2P Shop templates can be created using any InDesign template or document. All features of InDesign are fully supported by W2P Shop’s products.

Complete Control of Fonts
Besides the built-in fonts provided in W2P Shop, you can add your own fonts, as long as they are properly licensed. Fonts can be specific to a single template or available for all your templates.

Hosted Option Solution
Our solution is completely hosted by us, with zero installation necessary! There’s no need to manage servers, deal with complex software, or purchase InDesign Server licenses.

Optimized for Web
W2P Shop’s system provides multiple outputs for a single product, so that your workflow is optimized for HTML previews, print productions, email marketing and more.

Additional information about all of W2P Shop’s PDF-based solutions can be found on GOePower.com/web-to-print-features/