Web to Print Solutions Using Email, FTP and PDF Print Drivers for Online Proofing

There are a variety of web to print solutions that facilitate online printing. These online printing solutions require that customers use other applications. They tend to be simple and lack the depth of features available in a comprehensive ecommerce web to print solution. These are a great option for smaller orders and one-off orders.


Using email is just as it sounds; send an email with a description of what you want done and attach the file that you want printed. Customer is identified by the email and the associated job is embedded in the email. While definitely effective, email as an online printing solutions, lacks centralization features and sophistication and is less professional than available web to print solutions by current industry standards.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

File transfer protocols are type of online printing that involves print customers visiting a FTP site to share their files with the print company. FTP solutions may require a login provided by the print company. This type of web to print solution is also quite basic, and lacks features such as customer information, history / timestamp of the file submission and additional job details.

PDF Print Drivers

With this type of web to print solution, a print customer can initiate the transformation of any file into a PDF for submission to a printer. The client would need to install the web to print PDF driver first.

As mentioned already, each one of the above has an inherent weakness. Emails are limited in file sizes. FTP uploads can take large files but there is no related customer information or job data. And both email and FTP will send an original document, but the printer will not have the required application to read and accept the document.

The optimal file format is PDF. One of the more well known PDF drivers for the print industry is Adobe Job Ready.While Adobe Job Ready may still be available, further technical advancement and support is uncertain while it may still becost prohibitive for the majority of the print industry. W2P Shop has integrated a more robust and reliable file-sending medium via GoPrint2. GoPrint2 bundles all the mediums of file sending into one simple solution making it mandatory to any print organization that wishes to eliminate the barriers to file sending.

W2P Shop Uses GoPrint2 for File Upload, Auto Job Routing and PDF print Drivers

Go2Print is a simple web to print solution that allows print providers all the tools to ensure their customers get their files printed quickly and conveniently, by circumventing difficulties with sending and reading print files. Go2Print packages advanced web to print technology in a simple format that is easy for both printers and their customers to use.

Benefits & Features:

  • Convenient FTP replacement through the web or download
  • Allows for branded web portals
  • Drag and drop capabilities for large files
  • Branded PDF Print Driver
  • A PDF conversion engine
  • Embedded PDF viewer (no download necessary)
  • Administrative backend
  • Eliminates file transfer issues such as missing fonts, images and unsupported file types
  • Eliminates problems in PostScript-based workflows
  • Scales pages, including shrink-to-fit in preview
  • Tools are accessible and affordable to make it easy for online printers to remain up to date
  • Jobs include job details, customer info, tracking and history
  • Online browser-based designer to allow customers to design virtually any product
  • Compatible with any current browser
  • Auto-routing of print jobs from your web to print shop