W2P Shop Offers Web to Print For Retail Printing Transactions

Business to consumer (or B2C) web to print portals allow print shops to offer convenient online printing to their customers. B2C printing often involves a web to print storefront or a web to print ecommerce website where customers can create, edit and print their documents by adding them to a shopping cart.

W2P Shop uses its own proprietary ecommerce platform or can utilize any open source website cms (content management system) to create retail facing web to print stores. W2P Shop utilizes WordPress which is the most commonly used content management system in the world. Because W2P Shop is built on an open platform, it’s easier than ever to add any feature you would want as well as W2P Shop’s web to print technology and ecommerce shop to your existing site. W2P Shop can accommodate over 60 different payment gateways and various shipping providers.

W2P Shop’s B2C Web to Print Storefront Capabilities:
  • Ecommerce interface makes it easy for customers to find, purchase and print any type of document on one website
  • Customers can create, edit and upload their own files
  • You can upload pre-designed templates for your customers to edit and purchase
  • Include a library of images, fonts and clipart that your customers can use in their templates and designs
  • In-brower design tools and graphics editing make it easy for customers to create business cards, flyers and other materials to their own specifications
  • Easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout are compatible with over 60 different payment gateways
  • Account logins allow for documents to be stored, and record order history and other information about customers and their preferences
  • Scaled pricing options and discount/coupon codes can be used
  • Easy set up, including web to print plugins that can be integrated into your existing site

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