W2P Shop Offers Web to Print For Business-to-Business Transactions

Business to business, or B2B, web to print solutions allow corporations to create, print and store all their marketing and print materials on a convenient web to print portal.

Advantages of W2P Shop’s B2B Web to Print Portals
  • Pre-approved marketing materials and designs can be catalogued and stored for quick and efficient reference and ordering
  • Templates can include variable fields for clients to edit based on their needs
  • Clients can upload, create and edit their own unique files and templates, including templates with their company branding
  • Files are sent directly to a local or preferred printing company for professional quality printing
  • Templates ensure a consistent brand image across multiple locations or offices for businesses with more than one location
  • Clients can use a single web to print platform to create, store, print and distribute all their marketing materials, including direct mailers, promotional items, posters, signage, stationery and more
  • Intuitive and easy to use for both management and employees
  • Budgeting and approval tools ensure that company spending is transparent
  • Easy invoicing and order management
  • Accessible anywhere that has internet access
  • Easy to reorder additional copies or set up scheduled print jobs

View a full list of Web to Print Shop B2B Features to see if a B2B web to print solution right for your business. Contact Web to Print Shop to learn more about setting up a B2B web to print portal for your company.