W2P Shop’s Instant Print Estimates Ensure Your Customers Get Accurate Quotes

Web to Print Shop makes it simple to provide your customers with accurate quotes on all your print products and added features you offer. Our advanced web to print software can take into account dozens of variables that factor into the end price of the print order.

Setting Up Instant Price Calculators With W2P Shop

To set up all the pricing variables, you can upload a spreadsheet with all price adjustments, or input them manually. Importing your own spreadsheet (through excel or other spreadsheet programs) makes it simple to update all the pricing variables in your web to print storefront. When changing prices or adding new products or variables to your web to print storefront, simply upload an updated spreadsheet. The instant price calculators will be updated to display accurate pricing to your customers.

Web to Print Shop Can Adjust:
  • To scale pricing based on the order quantity
  • To include special pricing for:
    • Stock used
    • Added finishes (gloss, matte, etc.)
    • Binding
    • Laminating
    • Shipping
    • And much more
  • To include discount codes and other promotional pricing
  • To include price breaks for specific clients or customers

Contact Web to Print Shop to learn more about the wide variety of features we can include in your custom web to print storefront.