W2P Shop Reduces Costs By Streamlining the Production of Your Products

Web to Print Shop offers custom web to print solutions that let you keep track of print orders at every stage of production. Using customized assembly, you can reduce the time and labour involved in each print job. Customized assembly reduces waste and the need for human intervention.

Use W2P Shop to Customize Your Print Production Assembly Line

Customized assembly segments each print job into parts, and automates the workflow. At each stage of production, a worker signals that they have completed work, before the print job moves on to the next stage.

  • Can merge print orders from multiple sources (i.e. FTP, print drivers, web to print storefronts, etc.)
  • The system can be set up to retrieve files and orders based on a specific work schedule
  • Automatically connects to your web to print storefronts and other job sources and downloads and schedules print jobs
  • Scheduling can be set based on parameters of your choosing, ensuring the more urgent orders are given priority
  • Automatically places orders into local network folders
  • Filter orders based on types of production required (i.e. printing, binding, die-cut, laminating, etc.)
  • Alternatively, filter orders by file type, equipment used, or other product attributes (such as the type of stock required, colour versus black and white, etc.)
  • Includes download dates and timestamps on all files, to ensure simple tracking
  • Lists pending orders, and those that have been processed
  • Integrates with all computer systems

Contact Web to Print Shop to learn more about how set up web to print storefronts with custom assembly for your business.