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W2P Shop achieves the ultimate flexibility through a modular infrastructure. Print service providers can publish their products on their own website, using WordPress, Shopify or on the W2P Cloud. The W2P Cloud system aggregates all the orders and manages them in a single dashboard.


Suited for any level of print and graphics infrastructure – small, mid-sized, or large businesses – W2P Shop’s online printing solutions have a strong track record in helping printing companies display their ideal online ordering portals and improve production workflows, profitability, and efficiency.


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Who We Are


Founded in the late 90’s, Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print technologies. We specialize in creating technologically advanced web-to-print applications that are intuitive, easy to use, and affordable. Racad’s mission is to make printing companies successful online by providing flexible technology solutions that meet their various criteria.


We are obsessed with building excellent solutions, and our goal is to create tools that compel people to buy—tools that are fast, visually appealing and clean.


The only thing we love more than our technology is our customers. The incredible people who use our products are the most important thing to us, and we’re here to provide support to them whenever they need.


Things are moving really fast here, and we’re impacting the printing industry in a way we never expected. We’d love it if you joined us as partners in this journey.


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